Here's just a small sampling of the educational facilities and treasures we've helped preserve over the years.

SCSE Sign.jpg

Stamford, ct

In 2015, SCSE enrolled 168 scholars Pre-K to 1 in its inaugural year and made history as the 1st charter elementary school in Stamford, Connecticut. This Summer Stamford Excellence will be renovating the 3rd and 4th floors of the Schyuler campus to accommodate the addition of the 3rd grade in the Fall, funded in part, by a highly competitive facilities grant. . 



parkchester, ny

BCSE has made an everlasting effect on generations of scholars, local leaders, and most recently, its Parkchester neighbors, through the landmark decision of renovating the Benedict Avenue elementary campus and building a brand new, 7-story middle school extension. The new LEED-certified, Green flagship site for Bronx Excellence will serve as a space to accept more applicants, host home games and practices for the Bobcats, and most importantly shelter cutting edge learning environments that will prepare students for a life of achievement far beyond the skyline of the Bronx.


Wakefield, NY 

In June of 2016, the SUNY Charter Schools Institute announced the approval of Bronx Excellence, 3, 4 and 5 to open in 2017, 2018, and 2019. ECS is looking forward to welcoming our new scholars to Bronx Excellence 3 in September 2017 in the Wakefield/Gun Hill Road area of the Central Bronx. Bronx Excellence 3 will inhabit the former grounds of St. Mary's School on Carpenter Avenue, a Catholic elementary school. As with all of our NY schools, Bronx 3 will open to scholars in grades K and 1 and will grow one grade level each year.

Of additional note, Excellence Community Schools has been awarded a highly competitive federal grant, only 1 of 15 nationally, to support the replication and expansion of high-quality charter schools.