Key Design Elements

High Academic Standards

The academic program is rigorous and nurturing to support every child to achieve his or her maximum potential. Every child has a personalized learning plan that provides evidence of the student's achievements, strengths, areas in need of improvement, goals, and progress.

Longer School Days

A longer school day allows us to provide instruction in the core subjects and provide well-rounded educational enrichment. Students receive lessons in a safe, reliable learning environment.

Liberal Arts Curriculum


Our schools provide instruction in the core subject areas of ELA, math, science and social studies, as well as classes in music, art, dance, physical education, foreign language, and technology to promote foundational academic knowledge and critical thinking skills.


Performance-Based Compensation

We promote a highly accountable culture so that no students slip through the cracks. Our staff and faculty are rewarded with a commensurate professional salary with room for advancement as we continue to expand our network.

Flexible Groupings

Our program is designed to challenge every student with highly supportive and sophisticated differentiation. Flexible instructional groupings uniquely tailored for every child are offered daily and adapted to ongoing needs.

Mandatory Uniforms

The school uniforms help to reduce socio-economic tensions that might otherwise distract students from learning, while providing a public symbol of unity and pride.

Behavioral Standards

ECS is rooted in a belief that the learning environment is sacred. Our schools cultivate a nurturing, yet highly accountable learning environment. Reduced student-to-teacher ratios allow more frequent and personalized interactions between students and with staff members.

Parent Engagement


We are a diverse community of scholars and educators unified by our sincere enthusiasm about the intersections of heritage, philosophies and factual information. Our schools promote collaboration and engagement with our families and communities to support our scholars. Parents play an active role within the school community, and we build partnerships with local businesses and organizations to support our initiatives.

Organizational Learning

Our model is highly invested in developing our professional staff and building leadership capacity within our existing talent pool. Employees receive extensive, ongoing, and differentiated professional development to ensure the success and endurance of our organization.



98% of our scholars who took the New York State High School Regents exams in 2017 passed.




50% of Bronx Charter School for Excellence and Excellence Community Schools staff and faculty list the Bronx, NY as their hometown or residence.


In 2012, Bronx Excellence 1 was the first charter school in the Bronx to receive a National Blue Ribbon Award, awarded by the United States Department of Education in the category of "Exemplary High Performing Schools".


Over 89% of female Bronx Excellence scholars in grades 4 and 8 are proficient in Science according to 2017 State Exams. 83% of Former English Language Learners are proficient in math. Bronx Excellence scholars surpass the average performance rates of their district, charter, and statewide public school peers on NYS ELA and Math exams every year


In 2016-2017, over 30% of Bronx Middle Seniors were accepted into specialized and selective public high schools including Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech, Brooklyn Latin and Stuyvesant.