Application Process

Admissions Policy

Families have the option of applying to any of our Bronx Charter School for Excellence (Bronx Excellence) schools.  Enrollment preferences for returning students and their siblings will apply to those students matriculated in Bronx Excellence schools.  The admissions policy is below, and applies to all Bronx Excellence schools.  

A lottery process is used to determine admission to each Bronx Charter School for Excellence school.  Bronx Excellence 1-5 maintain an open enrollment policy and do not discriminate on the basis of race, ethnicity, sex, gender identity or expression, religion, national origin or sexual orientation. All Bronx Excellence schools accept applications from legal guardians of all age and grade eligible students. All incoming kindergarten students must be the age of five years on or before December 31st of the year in which they first attend Kindergarten. The annual application submission process begins in January and continues through April 1. Applications may be submitted electronically or in hard copy.  Online Applications for Bronx Excellence are available in English and Spanish through a link on the school’s website, which leads to the SchoolMint online application site.  Translations to additional languages are available by request.  The lottery takes place in mid-April, is conducted by an independent third party, and in accordance with NYSED regulations.  Public notice of such lottery is provided conspicuously and with sufficient notice.  Applicants who are returning students, have siblings already attending a Bronx Excellence school, and those residing in the host District are given preference in that order for vacancies on a first-come, first-served basis.  Once the list of sibling applicants and host district applicants has been exhausted, we will offer preference to children of employees of the charter school or CMO (up to a 15% set aside). Once the list of returning, sibling, host district, and employee applicants has been exhausted, any remaining spaces are filled through the lottery process.  Applicants will be given the option to enroll their child into any of the Bronx Excellence schools based on available seats.  Once all vacancies are filled through the lottery, a waiting list is created.  Applicants who have siblings already attending a Bronx Excellence school will be given preference for any vacancies that occur during the school year.  Enrollment packets clearly articulate the documentation that must be submitted, to include appropriate proofs of identification, residency, and health records.  Although our marketing and outreach efforts target communities of need, Bronx Excellence does not employ at-risk admissions preferences or a weighted lottery.