Welcome to Bronx 1

Bronx Excellence 1 Elementary and Middle, also known as the Bronx Charter School for Excellence or Bronx 1, is the flagship school and "oldest sibling" of the Bronx Excellence network which includes Bronx Excellence 2 (K-2) in Morris Park and Bronx Excellence 3 (K-1) in Wakefield. Bronx Excellence 1 was established in 2004, in 2012, we received the distinction of a National Blue Ribbon School. Bronx 1 serves over 800 scholars in grades K-8 between two adjoining campuses. Both Bronx 2 and 3 will grow an additional grade level each year until they reach 8th grade; Bronx 2 and 3 have standalone campuses. Bronx 4 will open in September 2018.

The Bronx 1-3 trio forms the Bronx Excellence Network, operated by Excellence Community Schools, a charter management organization founded by Dr. Charlene Reid, former  Head of School. Bronx Excellence 1 Elementary is led by Principal Adije Okpo and Bronx Excellence Middle is under the school leadership of Principal Dawn Dean.

Special Congratulations and Thanks in Sports & Recreation

- Congratulations to the Bronx Excellence MS co-ed soccer team, the Bobcats, for making it to the semi-finals in an impressive form with an 8-1 winning streak. The Bobcats will go on to compete in the finals of the 2018 CSAA Soccer league.

- Also special congratulations to the 5th and 6th boys basketball team for making it to the semi-finals this year.

- Bronx Excellence MS celebrates the Bobcats co-curricular track program which has had a successful season. Four (4) girls have earned silver and bronze medals in the 100 meter and 200 meter relay races.

-Our Lady Bobcats softball team reached the quarter finals of the Charter School Softball League and we are so very proud of all of their hard work and leadership initiative as scholar-athletes.

Competitive Bobcats across the middle school campus have built solid to begin next season's roster of sports opportunities.

Coach Craig Oliver would like to especially recognize the all-volunteer coaching staff on their hard work in pushing the sports program forward this year
Mr. Simmons, Mr. Pearlman, Mr. Foster, Ms. D. Okpo, Mr. Finch, Mr. Michele and Ms. Prydal



98% of our scholars who took the High School Regents exams in 2017 passed.


50% of Bronx Charter School for Excellence and Excellence Community Schools staff and faculty list the Bronx, NY as their hometown or residence.


In 2012, Bronx Excellence 1 was the first charter school in the Bronx to receive a National Blue Ribbon Award, awarded by the United States Department of Education in the category of "Exemplary High Performing Schools".


Over 89% of female Bronx Excellence scholars in grades 4 and 8 are proficient in Science according to 2017 State Exams. 83% of Former English Language Learners are proficient in math. Bronx Excellence scholars surpass the average performance rates of their district, charter, and statewide public school peers on NYS ELA and Math exams every year


In 2016-2017, over 30% of Bronx Middle Seniors were accepted into specialized and selective public high schools including Bronx Science, Brooklyn Tech, Brooklyn Latin and Stuyvesant.

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