Admissions Information

2018-2019 School Year Application Lottery is closed.

The Harlem Central Office does not distribute, process nor accept admission applications or distribute results for either Bronx Excellence 1-4 or Stamford Excellence. Please review the important announcement information below. Bronx Announcements have concluded. Congratulations and welcome. The Lottery will begin next Spring.

School Neighborhoods + Grades:

  • Bronx Excellence 1 Parkchester | K-4
  • Bronx Excellence Middle Parkchester | 5-8
  • Bronx Excellence 2 Morris Park | K-3
  • Bronx Excellence 3 Wakefield | K-2
  • Bronx Excellence 4 Wakefield | K-2
  • Stamford Excellence West Stamford | PK-4

All Excellence Community Schools in the Bronx and Stamford admit children through a blind lottery with priority given to district residents and scholar siblings. Each school is a tuition-free, public charter school with an extended school day, mandatory uniforms, and traditional services such as Special Needs instructors, bussing and free/reduced lunch availability.