Many successful people within the ECS, Bronx Excellence, and Stamford Excellence family have credited one or more mentors who made an immense difference in helping them succeed in their formative years. If you’re not mentoring someone, please consider making it apart of your legacy today.

Our Bronx and Stamford locations need professional adults who can go the extra mile for our scholars, using their industry connections, college experience, and personal stories as a rudder for scholars asking for guidance, leadership and advice.

What is a mentor?

“Generally, someone who mentors is older, experienced and interested in helping a younger man or woman improve specific skills and develop as a total person over time” according to John Young, a Next Avenue Contributor.

When you are a mentor, your connection with the scholar you're counseling is more complex than a coach, teacher, or tutor role. Those people have a noble responsibility but they do have a specific, compensated task to complete, often involving a short duration and less personal relationship with the scholar. A mentorship means signing up for the whole child whether for a project, a semester or an indifferent amount of time. A mentor sticks with their mentee and "sees it through until the end."

Why Should You Mentor?

Mentoring isn’t just beneficial for the scholar or alumni you’re assisting, it’s great for you in a variety of ways. Mentoring provides a delightful feeling of philanthropic, service orientated satisfaction as well as a warm, humanizing image for you and your organization. Additionally, being a mentor within the ECS system keeps you youthful by maintaining a down to earth reality perspective on the joys and obstacles of scholars today. Mentors are challenged by having the most up-to-date advice on business, college, and career in order to answer a mentee's question or comment correctly and exactly. Mentorships are for any age whether you’re a high school or college student, earning service credit for giving back to the community with your time, or a seasoned professional who is dedicated to using privilege to help one or many.

For Corporate Mentorship or University Credit opportunities please contact:
Aya Wakamatsu, Director of Development
For Individual Mentorship or Youth Development Internship opportunities please contact: Kristine Rivera, Director of Family & Community Engagement
For BCSE Alumni Mentorships or BCSE Alumni Internship opportunities please contact:
LaToya Y. Laury, Director of Alumni Services
For Administrative Internship opportunities please contact:
Melanee Farrah, Director Human Resources