What is the academic expectation of Bronx Excellence 1 Elementary and Middle? The flagship Bronx Excellence scholars in Parkchester are beautifully and creatively intelligent, always attentive in class and especially respectful of faculty and the school grounds. The lower school and middle school groups are also expected to exceed city and state testing norms through solid study habits in class and at home. When studies are complete we as a community-based campus balance our academic lives with fun, culturally focused festivities and a colorful pallet of enrichment activities offered at all grade levels including language, athletics, music, and the arts.

Our Key Design Elements:

High Academic Standards

Liberal Arts Curriculum

Longer School Day

Performance-Based Compensation

Clearly Articulated Standards

School Uniforms

Academic Performance Accountability

Financial Accountability

Parent Engagement

Community Collaboration

Professional Development

Foundational and Critical Thinking Skills

The Key Design Elements are the pillars upon which we build our entire charter and academic program.
The Elements were developed at Bronx Excellence and have since been approved by the SUNY Institute with the replica schools Bronx Excellence 2-5 and Stamford Excellence in Stamford, CT.