High School Placement & Alumni Services

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2017 HS and College Acceptances | High School Placement Coordinator | Alumni Services Director

Learning about life beyond Bronx Excellence is discussion-based, not lecture-based. We offer our scholars “real talk,” family-chats and consistent report card follow-ups to ensure clarity in communication about high school and college readiness behaviorally and academically.

The High School Placement office works diligently to make sure every 7th and 8th Grade scholar is prepared to get-in, succeed and exceed in their high school of choice and ultimately their college of choice.

The HSP office has no limitations on where a scholar should apply; we navigate city-wide public, specialized, technical, private/independent, Catholic/parochial, and boarding school admissions processes with families from start to finish. Bronx Middle strongly believes that multiple dedicated, in-house admissions professionals are vital for the guidance of scholars from admission and completion of a 4-year college degree and beyond.

The Alumni Services Department engages graduates of Bronx Middle by servicing older alumni with professional and collegiate development. ASD provides scholarships and financial aid information, career advice, Bronx Excellence Network/Excellence Community Schools internships, work-study, as well as years of personal follow-up to make sure that former Bobcats are managing young adulthood wisely.

The Alumni Services Departments is collaborative, not competitive. The Bronx Excellence community individually helps scholars, both past and present, and encourages all Bobcats to support each other’s talents and interests. Bronx Excellence Middle guarantees scholars become prepared for college while they also develop the skills that prepare them for life.