Our Results

The Bronx Excellence Network embraces a culture of accountability. Statewide testing practices are no exception. Our goal is to ensure that our scholars are on a successful pathway to and throughout college. Our curriculum focuses on the content areas of English, Math, History and Science, with additional instruction in Spanish, the Arts, Physical Education, Health, and Technology as well as Advanced Placement courses in sub-specialties such as algebra and trigonometry.

Our scholars outperform average proficiency rates of the district, all NYS charter schools and all NYS Public Schools every year in ELA and Math. Additionally, our scholars had a 98% pass rate on High School Regents exams while still enrolled in middle school. Moreover, 66% of our scholars who took Regents exams last year achieved the college and career readiness target. These scholastic achievements help propel our scholars to enroll in top-performing high schools and colleges.

Content Instructional Specialists, the Chief Academic Officer, School Leaders and the data department support teaching staff to ensure they deliver meaningful and impactful lessons that promote achievement to meet and exceed the Common Core Learning Standards.

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The New York State Education Department recognizes Bronx Excellence 1 as a 2016-2017 Reward School. This honor recognizes "New York State Schools that have the most progress or have the highest achievement in the State with no significant gaps in student achievement."