About Our Staff

Bronx Excellence 2 is an intimate team of faculty which consists of more than 16 full-time expert teachers, administrators, and support staff as well as an incredible facilities team. All BCSE instructors across the network are in compliance with New York State and charter school standards and hold credentials necessary to teach in a classroom. In addition to teachers, many staff members also hold advanced degrees. As an added advantage, teachers and staff are rigorously sourced by the Human Capital department and stringently evaluated by CEO of Excellence Schools, the Chief Academic Officer, and standing Principal.

All teachers are trained to teach the Common Core State Standards Initiative at their grade level and subject area and hold compliant licensure for their subject area.Staff are highly skilled educators in and out of the classroom, coming from either a traditional teacher’s background and teaching families or are transplants from urban-based youth development campaigns.

Bronx Excellence’s valued, exemplary teachers and signature, award winning academic model is demonstrated for universities and colleges everywhere, such as Columbia Teacher’s College. We enable learning with exactness and diplomacy with tours and seminars upon request.

50% of the Excellence staff declared the Bronx, NY as their hometown or current place of residence!