Our Approach

During the Excellence school day, scholars develop a lifetime commitment to scholarship. They are asked to make choices, express their reasoning and to take responsibility for their own learning and behavior. Teachers design group projects and prepare personalized work based on unique, informed data and observation of each scholar’s progress. Teachers also plan flexibly so that the developing interests of their class evolve throughout the school year in tandem with our Specials courses.

The Bronx Excellence system prides itself on preparing scholars efficiently in the core subjects of Science and History, and provides up two hours of the school day dedicated to both Math and English Language Arts. This practice allows scholars to get the most out of their studies without distraction from overwhelming stimulus. We believe each subject is an academic discipline and should be respected as such; this is why Bronx Excellence 1-3 and Middle insist on a connection to the materials through traditional study hall, subject blocks and a longer school day, as well as Saturday Academy and standardized testing prep where applicable.