State Test Results

Our Bronx Excellence 2 scholars are too young to collect standardized testing data, however please take a look at the results or our flagship school, Bronx Excellence 1 and Middle, which our K-8 Blue Ribbon School Model replicates in the classroom everyday.

100% of 2016-2017 8th Graders scored 100% on the Algebra, Geometry and US History HS Regents Exams

93% of SCSE scholars have hit 2016-2017 Developmental Reading Assessment goals and standards

87.5% of 2016-2017 8th Graders passed the Spanish Language HS Regents Exam

90% of 2016-2017 SCSE 1st Graders were recorded as proficient according to Developmental Reading Assessments

98% of 2016-2017 8th Graders passed the HS Regents Exams, with 66% percent scoring 85% or higher

91% of 2016-2017 4th Grade Scholars passed their State Science Exams
Bronx Excellence 1 outperformed District 11 in State Math Exams, by up to 50% in both Elementary and Middle

Bronx Excellence 1 outperformed both District and City school averages in ELA test scores across 3rd through 8th Grade

80% of 2016-2017 8th Graders tested proficient in State Science Exams