Mission and History


Established in 2019
Bronx Excellence 5 is in a free, charter public K-8 school network serving the Tremont neighborhood of Bronx, NY.



The Excellence Community Schools prepares young people in New York City and Stamford to compete for admission to and succeed in top public, private and parochial high schools by cultivating their intellectual, artistic, social, emotional, and ethical development. The Excellence Community Schools accomplishes this by offering a challenging and rigorous academic curriculum, which at the earliest of grades has an eye toward college preparation. The Excellence Community Schools achieves this in a supportive and caring environment that maintains high expectations for all students.


Excellence Community Schools (ECS) was founded on July 1, 2016. ECS is the charter management organization or parent organization of Bronx Excellence, also known as the Bronx Charter School for Excellence (BCSE). In September 2016, ECS and BCSE welcomed the first Bronx replica school, Bronx Excellence 2. Bronx Excellence 2 opened to 120 scholars enrolled in Kindergarten and 1st grade and will grow by a grade level every year until it reaches 8th grade. Bronx Excellence 3 opened in September 2017 in the Wakefield community and will serve approximately 810 scholars once it reaches full capacity (K-8). Bronx Excellence 4 opened in September 2018 in the Wakefield community and currently serves grades K-2. Bronx Excellence 5 opened in September 2019 in the Tremont community and currently serves grades K-1. 

Founded in 2004, the Bronx Charter School for Excellence, better known as Bronx Excellence, is one of New York’s true success stories.What began as a K-5 public school alternative for children in the Parkchester/Morris Park region of the Bronx, has developed into one of the highest-performing charter schools in the state — only 50% of ELA scores at grade level — the same statistic as under-performing traditional district schools. With a need for new leadership, Bronx Excellence welcomed Dr. Charlene Reid as Head of School. Under Dr. Reid's leadership, Bronx Excellence was able to successfully renew its five year charter and has expanded to include a brand new, LEED-certified, environmentally sustainable learning complex. Bronx Excellence 1 is the first school in the Excellence network and has since replicated its award-winning model into sibling schools: Stamford Excellence, Bronx Excellence 2, Bronx Excellence 3, Bronx Excellence 4 and Bronx Excellence 5. 

Bronx Excellence 5's challenging academic programs are led by school-based initiatives supported by parents, school-wide events and extensive extracurricular offerings. Every scholar, parent, and staff member has personal responsibility for the school’s success.