Calendar Updates

November Updates

November 06 Election Day (Closed)

November 12 Veterans Day (Closed)

November 22-23 Thanksgiving Recess (Closed)

November 30 End of 1st Marking Period

December Updates

December 7 School Wide PD (Closed)

December 10-14 Scholastic Book Fair

December 12-13 Parent-Teacher Conferences 5-7pm

December 21 Winter Concert, 10am

December 24 - January 1 Winter Break

January 2019 Updates

January 21 MLK Day

February 2019 Updates

February 8 100th Day of School

February 9 Saturday Academy

February 15 - February 19 Mid-Winter Recess

February 18 President’s Day

March 2019 Updates

March 2 Saturday Academy

March 8 Author’s Day

March 12 End of 2nd marking period 

March 16 Saturday Academy

March 18 - 22 Scholastic Book Fair

March 20 - 21 PT Conferences 5-7pm (at-risk scholars)

March 30 Saturday Academy

Welcome to Stamford Excellence!

The Stamford Charter School for Excellence, better known as Stamford Excellence, is a free, public Pre-K to 4th grade charter school based on a proven, nationally-recognized school model, practiced by our affiliate schools, the Bronx Excellence Network. The Excellence School Model boost student achievement and prepare more Stamford students for the college of their dreams and the jobs of tomorrow. Stamford Excellence offers another high performing academic option for families because we are the very first charter elementary school in Stamford! We opened in 2015 and will grow by one grade level each year until we are a full Pre K-8th grade academy. Admission is open to all Stamford residents.