About Us

The Stamford Charter School for Excellence (SCSE), known as Stamford Excellence, is the 1st Affiliate/Replica Model School of Excellence Community Schools (ECS), an emerging charter management organization that offers support to the Excellence Network of schools in the tri-state area. The Stamford Excellence academic program and school day are based on a proven, nationally recognized model, which originated in the ECS flagship school, Bronx Excellence 1, a 2012 National Blue Ribbon School. The two blue flags you see in our logo underpin our commitment to RISE UP and uphold the high quality of education.

Stamford Excellence serves over 200 scholars in grades Pre-K through 3 and will grow by one grade level per year. By 2022, Stamford Excellence will blossom into a full Pre-K to 8th grade elementary and middle school.

The Stamford Excellence School Day: Expecting Excellence from Our Children

Stamford Excellence cultivates a close-knit professional learning community with a rich and rigorous curriculum, high expectations for all children, data-driven individualized instruction, and evidence-based best practices. Literacy is a core competency that is emphasized, and our model reflects a dedication of time and resources to reading, writing, and math - more than 2 hours per day are spent on ELA and mathematics.

The Stamford Excellence Vision: Generations of Excellence

Our fundamental goal is to provide greater access to high-quality educational programs to students and families in high-needs neighborhoods, and close persisting achievement and opportunity gaps in these communities. Our long-term goal is to leverage the transformative power of education to elevate every student, family, and the surrounding communities we serve.