About Us

The Stamford Charter School for Excellence (Stamford Excellence, SCSE), is the only elementary charter school in Stamford, Connecticut. The academic program is based on a proven, nationally recognized model, which originated in the affiliate Excellence Community Schools flagship school, Bronx Excellence 1, a 2012 National Blue Ribbon School. 

The Stamford Excellence School Day: Expecting Excellence from Our Children
Stamford Excellence cultivates a close-knit, professional learning community with a rigorous curriculum, high expectations for all scholars, individualized instruction, and evidence-based best practices. Literacy is a core competency that is emphasized, and our model reflects a dedication of time and resources to reading, writing, and math, with more than two hours per day spent focused on these subjects.

The Stamford Excellence Vision: Generations of Excellence
Our goal is to provide greater access to high-quality educational programs to students and families in underserved neighborhoods, and to close the achievement and opportunity gaps found in these communities. Our long-term goal is to leverage the transformative power of education to elevate every student, family, and the surrounding communities we serve.