Mission and History

Established in 2015
Stamford Excellence is a free, charter public school district and the first charter elementary school to have been established in Stamford, CT.


The Excellence Community Schools prepares young people in New York City and Stamford to compete for admission to and succeed in top public, private and parochial high schools by cultivating their intellectual, artistic, social, emotional, and ethical development. The Excellence Community Schools accomplishes this by offering a challenging and rigorous academic curriculum, which at the earliest of grades has an eye toward college preparation. The Excellence Community Schools achieves this in a supportive and caring environment that maintains high expectations for all students.


Stamford Excellence believes that every child should have access to free high-quality educational options, especially in communities where students are disadvantaged and historically underserved. The school opened in 2015 to 168 scholars in grades pre-K through 1st in Stamford, Connecticut with Founding Principal Kevin Fischer. Stamford Excellence is the first elementary charter public school in Stamford modeled after a National Blue Ribbon School based in Bronx, NY. In its inaugural year, 100% of pre-K scholars, 81% of kindergarten scholars and 73% of first grade scholars were reading at or above grade-level expectation.

Today, the school serves scholars in grades pre-K through 5. In our first year of state testing, 82% of our scholars were proficient in ELA and 94% were proficient in Math. In our second year, 85% were proficient in English Language Arts and 95% were proficient in Math. For two consecutive years, Stamford Excellence has been named a School of Distinction by the Connecticut State Department of Education. In a community that remains identified as an Alliance District due to persisting achievement gaps, our model is providing equitable opportunities for success by closing those gaps with a population of more than 70% Black and Hispanic scholars.