Our History

The Stamford Charter School for Excellence, or Stamford Excellence, began in 2015 as a Pre-K through 1st grade public charter elementary school in Stamford, Connecticut with Kevin Fischer serving as School Leader. Stamford Excellence is the first charter elementary school in the city as well as the first ECS Affiliate or "sister school" of the Bronx Charter School for Excellence, or Bronx Excellence 1, a 2012 National Blue Ribbon School recognized by the US Department of Education based in New York City. In the autumn of its founding year, Stamford Excellence successfully enrolled 168 scholars. After one year of the Stamford Excellence academic model, 100% of Pre-K scholars, 81% of Kindergarten scholars and 73% of our our first grade scholars were reading at or above grade-level expectation.

Stamford Excellence is held to Connecticut State Department of Education's accountability system and resides in a Priority/Alliance District. Stamford Excellence has committed itself to engagement and believes it is vital for student success. Over 80% of our scholars identified as African-American and Latino. Nearly three-quarters of our families qualify for free or reduced lunch. Many Stamford Excellence are English Language Learners, representing 8 different primary languages. Nearly 10% of our scholars received and continue to receive Special Education services. Stamford Excellence believes that every child should have access to free high-quality educational options, especially in communities where students are disadvantaged and historically underserved.

Today, Stamford Excellence is home to over 270 Bobcats in Pre-K through 3rd grade, expanding to 4th grade in Fall 2018. Stamford Excellence will eventually blossom into a fully equipped elementary and middle school (Pre-K through 8). For more information about enrollment please call 203-989-0000, for a donor tour or philanthropic inquiries please connect with Aya Wakamatsu, Director for Development at awakamatsu@exellenceschools.org