Excellence Community Schools (ECS) supports the Stamford Excellence district of public charter schools. We offer competitive salaries, family-friendly benefits and leadership opportunities in an inclusive, academic setting driven by transparent policies and collaborative projects. 
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The Stamford Charter School for Excellence (Stamford Excellence, SCSE), is the only elementary charter school in Stamford, Connecticut. The academic program is based on a proven, nationally recognized model, which originated in the affiliate ECS flagship school, Bronx Excellence 1, a 2012 National Blue Ribbon School. Stamford Excellence currently serves  scholars in grades pre-K through 6, with a goal of fully expanding to its intended pre-K through 8th grade model.

Our goal is to provide greater access to high-quality educational programs to students and families in underserved neighborhoods, and to close the achievement and opportunity gaps found in these communities. Our long-term goal is to leverage the transformative power of education to elevate every student, family, and the surrounding communities we serve.

Stamford Excellence has an extended school day that enables scholars to learn instruction in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, art, music, early athletics, Spanish and computer science. Minimally all teaching staff hold bachelor's degrees. Many of our instructors also hold a Master of Arts, Education or Science as well as traditional, postgraduate teaching certification.

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