Admissions Information

2019-2020 School Year Wait List Application is now open:



Stamford Excellence is located in West Stamford in Southwestern Connecticut. We are six miles north of Greenwich, 20 south of of Bridgeport and 30 miles north of Manhattan. Accessible by Amtrak, Metro-North Railroad, and Interstate 95.

Admissions Process
- Blind Lottery System
- Coeducational Public Charter School
- Mandatory Uniforms

- Pre-K through 5th Grade (Beginning Fall 2019)
- Opening Enrollment: 168
- 2016 Enrollment: 224
- Current Enrollment: 273

- African American 51%
- Hispanic 22%
- Asian 27%
- SPED 7% | ELL 6% | FRPL 62% | Attendance Rate 96%

All Excellence Community Schools in the Bronx and Stamford admit children through a blind lottery with priority given to district residents and scholar siblings. Each school is a tuition-free, public charter school with an extended school day, mandatory uniforms, and traditional services such as Special Needs instructors, bussing and free/reduced lunch availability.