Family and Community Engagement

Stamford Excellence has established a tradition of distinction in its community engagement efforts, which is one of our Key Design Elements of the Excellence Education Model. We encourage our scholars and their families to strive for success both in the classroom and at home.

State Representative Dan Fox has visited Stamford Excellence four times. He met with our Parent Association at a legislative breakfast to discuss important educational and social issues. The Mayor of Stamford, David Martin, also visited Stamford Excellence in the past year. Over 40% of Stamford Excellence families have met with elected officials on campus, and approximately 10% of Stamford Excellence families participated in State Capital Advocacy Days.

Stamford Excellence have several school-based cornerstones to guarantee our Design Elements of "Active Parent Engagement" and "Open Collaboration with the Community" are met. For example, when a new scholar arrives, we greet them with a Parent Chat with the Principal and so everyone understands the expectations of academics and behavior which have been designed to meet state mandates as well as differing cultural sensitives. Our faculty work and meet with parents year-round in order to actively listen to the family and community.

The Stamford Excellence Parent Associations often team-up with Quentin Phipps, Director of Advocacy & Policy for cultural festivities or Charter Advocacy Days and political awareness events.


Host a Field Trip Invite our scholars to visit your company to learn more about workforce and professions.

Pro-bono Services: Provide pro-bono services to our scholars, our families, and our school.

College Knowledge Provide guidance on completing applications and building portfolios, conduct mock interviews for our Stamford Excellence Parents and Siblings while exposing younger scholars to the philosophy that one day they'll go to college too!

Recent Community Engagement Events Include:

  • Annual Winter and Spring Concerts
  • California Pizza Kitchen Dough Raiser
  • Community Helpers Unit with Stamford Police and Fire Departments
  • Dr. Seuss Day Elementary Day Party
  • Field Day
  • Fireman Day with Pre-K
  • Friendship Day
  • Inaugural Multi-Cultural Day (2017)
  • Inaugural Parent Day (2017)
  • SEPA Participated in the Annual Stamford Excellence St. Patrick’s Day Parade
  • SEPA Quadrupled the Amount of Events Hosted
  • Spirit Week (Including Pajama, Crazy Socks, Class Color, Bobcat Blue and Sports Days)
  • Stamford Excellence Parent Association Raised over $2,000
  • Teacher Appreciation Week